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How to Plan the Perfect American Road Trip

The mountains, oceans, deserts, forests and impeccable landscape make the United States a great country to road trip across. The vast land presents travelers with plenty of neat things they normally wouldn't see during everyday activity. Road tripping is a unique way to see the country and gain valuable perspective into what the country looks like. The perfect American road trip starts with tactical planning. Pursue the following tips to help make the most out of the exciting moment. Road

How to Make Most Out of your Evening Desert Safari in Dubai 

Evening desert safari is a must-experience for any tourist visiting the exotic city of Dubai. Dune bashing, sand skiing, belly dancing, and camel rides are a few among the several attractions lined up in a typical evening time desert safari. While shopping malls and theme parks can be found elsewhere on the planet, a ride through the sand dunes and an exotic evening in the desert under the star-studded night sky is an experience that is unique to Dubai. The evening desert safari starts around

Things to Do on a Trip to Canada

You might think that you happen to know quite a bit about Canada, but if you’ve only been to Toronto and the more iconic sites, such as Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, or the Rocky Mountains, you’re really missing out. There are a couple of lesser known gems that will expand your knowledge about the Great White North.   Walk with Vikings If you’re planning a trip to Canada between June and October, you might want to visit L’anse aux Meadows. This is a National Historic Site and Leif,

Essential Stops for a Toronto Cultural Tour

If you have had the chance to spend any time in Canada, you realize that there are some beautiful cities in the country. Vancouver, which is the capital city of British Columbia, sits on Canada's west coast like a shining jewel. It offers one of the greatest winter experiences in North America with Whistler Mountain being the top skiing area. Vancouver also has great restaurants, lots of green spaces, and you can visit attractions here that would satisfy even the most fickle visitor Out east,

Amazing Places to Visit in Ontario This Winter

So you're headed to Ontario for winter but you're unsure what to do. Fear not, we've got you covered. Take a look at these amazing places to visit and things to do on your winter wonderland break in this Canadian territory. Discover Ontario's natural wonders. The state has a wealth of natural wonders to see in the winter including waterfalls which have frozen over, the magnificent Northern Lights, and the eerie but beautiful ice caves. They are all within easy reach using a Toronto car rental.

5 Brilliant Places To Visit In Sydney Other Than The CBD

From thrilling adventure parks to shopping, Sydney has plenty to offer. There are just so many things to do and see in Sydney and its surrounds. The more you stay and go about in the area, you tend to find that there are hidden gems and more places to go and experience. Besides the main attractions and landmarks of the Sydney CBD, there are attractions in almost each area of the Greater Sydney. Each surrounds has their own unique experience, shops and eateries. Avoid the flock of tourists at the

Skincare Myths: What You Should Really Be Doing

When it comes to your skin’s health, there are a lot of opinions out there about what you should and shouldn’t be doing. But which ones are accurate? Here are several skincare myths debunked and here is what you should really be doing. Age Spots Simply Mean You’re Getting Older “Age spots” is a term for uneven skin tone and brownish spots that can appear on your face. They are caused from exposure to environmental hazards that cause enzymes in the skin’s surface to show visible

Where to Ski in Italy

Thousands of people flood Italy's mountainous regions each year seeking snowy adventures on the country's many beautiful pistes. Italy has become far more popular for skiers and snowboarders in the last decade due to more tourist expansion in the mountains and far better value than is on offer in the French and Swiss Alps. Italy has many areas where ski-resorts are linked across large distances which also gives tourists a great chance to put some serious ski-miles in. Here are some of the best places

Enjoy big savings on laser hair removal with Groupon

If you're encumbered with the problem of excessive hair then you're no doubt pretty bored of shaving by now. The problem is that more permanent options for removing excessive facial hair, or hair in your armpits, legs or arms are extremely expensive, due to the high cost of the technology involved. Well, what if we told you we'd found a way to get massive discounts on laser hair removal treatments, wouldn't you jump at the chance? If so, then we've got a treat for you - check out Groupon's new

Groupon is getting back into business (listings)

Some might argue that Groupon is a dog that's had its day, but they'd be wrong. While it's old deal-a-day discount voucher business model failed to last the test of time, that's only forced Groupon to rethink its strategy, and its come up with a plan that might just work. The site has revamped itself as a business listings directory similar to the Yellow Pages. Which is great news for consumers, because not only does Groupon provide them with all the business details they need, but it also helps