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Where to Ski in Italy

Thousands of people flood Italy's mountainous regions each year seeking snowy adventures on the country's many beautiful pistes. Italy has become far more popular for skiers and snowboarders in the last decade due to more tourist expansion in the mountains and far better value than is on offer in the French and Swiss Alps. Italy has many areas where ski-resorts are linked across large distances which also gives tourists a great chance to put some serious ski-miles in. Here are some of the best places

Milan: an Ideal Start Point for Drives Around Northern Italy

Northern Italy is an absolutely incredible place - think vibrant cities, stunning lakes and spectacular ski resorts. We think there's no better way to experience the various contrasts of northern Italy than with a driving tour, with Milan making the ideal start point. Fly into Milan airport and you can hire a car directly from there (see what's on offer from companies likeĀ Auto Europe) and get started straight away. That said, we recommend you check out Milan before hitting the road - though