Visiting The Wildcard Of The Caribbean? Check Out The Best Time To Visit Haiti…

If you want views like this, the best time to visit Haiti is in the dry season...

The best time to visit Haiti is throughout the dry season, when hurricanes do not develop, and rainfall is rare. Haiti has seasonal weather and the best time to visit the country is between months of April to November, when the sun shines almost everyday. This allows for interruption-free tours and activities, especially those that explore Haiti’s famous architectural landmarks, many of which are important to the country historically and culturally.

You also don’t need to worry about your security if ever you decide to travel in Haiti since the country has been long recognized as one of the more secure nations in the Americas. Incidence of crime in the year 2013 is relatively low compared to its other neighboring countries, so as long as you exercise common sense and don’t expose yourself to situations that may put you in peril, you will be perfectly fine.

The only noted dangerous time though to visit the country is during hurricane season, which lasts between August to September. Hence, if you do not want any forms of inconvenience in your travel, then you should not visit in these months, though savvy travelers that watch the weather forecast can visit during this time and still have an enjoyable holiday here.

Although storms are common in this part of the Caribbean, you cannot escape its natural beauty. One of the best attractions to see here is the Plaine du Cul de Sac. This is an excellent attraction for nature lovers since this is a beautiful forest where they can find various species such as flamingos, ducks and herons. This is an educational spot especially for little kids to awaken their interests in nature.

Another is the Barbancourt Rum Distillery. This is where some of Haiti’s best rum is produced. This will be an informative experience since you will see how rum is produced and by the end of your tour you can have a free taste of their luscious libations.

Another beautiful attraction to take in is the Citadelle Laferriere. It is a beautiful historic site in Haiti, as it is located on top of a mountain. Hence, you cannot only enjoy history but nature viewing as well, as you can overlook the land that lies beneath this formidable fortress.

Additionally, Haiti is known for its beautiful beaches. Hence, going to Amiga Island would be best, as you can see various coral reefs and aquamarine life through scuba diving and snorkeling trips that can be hired here. This is a great way to bond with your friends or families in this amazing tropical paradise.

Another gorgeous island is Labadie, which is indeed a scenic place. It has a righteous combination of lush forest, beautiful waters and scenic views, which is a fact that will immediately confirm that you made the right choice by booking a holiday here.

Moreover, if you want to fully know about Haiti’s history, it is good idea to visit la Musee de Guahaba, where you can see the history and culture of Haiti and learn how their locals live and survive, and the Museum of Haitian Art, which is suitable for lovers of art since you can see various art displays from across the country.

All these and more can be enjoyed best after hurricane season; hence, the best time to visit Haiti and see these attractions is during months between April to November.

If you want to enjoy the best festivities in the land, then the best time to visit Haiti is every February. This is the best time for enjoyment since there are a lot of dances, music and celebration of culture which tourists can really take pleasure in. However, it is important to take note that accommodations and flights are costly and expensive in this month. Hence, some prefer to travel in the month of October to make a holiday here fit their budget; however, travelers should take note that this is a dangerous time of year to book since rain and strong winds are common in the area at this time.

A lot of flights to Haiti transit in the United States given its proximity. Many countries still require a transit or ESTA visa to transit through the USA so make sure you have this before booking a plane ticket!