When is the Best Time to Visit Albania?

The best time to visit Albania is solely dependent on where you are headed, due to its varied topography.  Even for a small country, Albania has a great variety of weather patterns, with the lowlands having a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and the highlands having a continental climate. So if you have ever wondered, “when is the best time to visit Albania?”, this is the post for you.

Albania coastline

If you’re planning on  visiting this interesting European country, take in consideration the weather in the particular area of the country, which is a great determinant of the best time to visit Albania.

If you’re planning on spending a vacation in the coastlines of Albania and the islands off the coast, summer is your best bet.  Summers tend to be cooler than in the inlands, thanks to the sea breeze that provide respite from the harsh summer sun.  But be warned, summers in the coastline can be pretty crowded as the locals from the inland would also want to escape the hot and dry summers from the country’s interiors.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on indulging on winter sports and activities such as snow-shoeing, wintertime is the best time to visit Albania, especially in the mountain areas where snow is frequent.  But rain, too is also frequent during this time and it can get pretty cold in the inlands and the mountain areas.  Worst part is, rooms with heaters in Albania can be very rare, so do bring lots of warm clothing with you to avoid freezing.

In addition, rainfall is also very high during winter time.  Unless snow-shoeing is your main reason for visiting Albania, then it’s best to take a rain check when considering visiting Albania during winter time.  To make the most out of your trip here, opt to visit on summers instead.

The best days are often between May and September, when the days are much longer and you can enjoy more activities during day time.