Best Time To Visit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Figuring out the best time to visit any place, including Cabo San Lucas, can make a huge difference to your travel experience as well as help you plan your itinerary a lot better. Characterized by a mild climate all year round, Cabo San Lucas is a great holiday destination any time of the year.

But still, it pays to be prepared, it still pays to do your homework, as the days aren’t the same, and neither are the seasons.  High heat and humidity can be a party pooper and frequent rains can ruin your plans. Unless that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Not something that would ruin your plans but maybe some adventurous activities in the rain has been your plan from the start.  So here’s a little guide to the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas:


Summers can be quite arid in Cabo San Lucas with temperatures reaching 90 degrees (~32 Celsius).  Come July to October, the storm season takes over and brings about heavy rains, especially around September to October.  During winter time, average daytime temperature may only reach 80 degrees (~27 Celsius),  and drop to 50 degrees (~10 Celsius) during night time.  January to February is the coldest time of the year.

Peak season in Cabo San Lucas is from October to May, after the storms are over and weather is not too hot anymore. So if you’re looking to rent Cabo San Lucas villa rentals on the beach, this might be the best moment. But make sure you book early as prices soar during this time.  But expect even higher prices during Christmas and Easter holidays here, as you’d do everywhere else.

Spring Break, too, is considered a peak season as thousands of college students flock to Cabo San Lucas.

Fond of whales? The best time for whale-watching is from December through March.  Plus, mid-October to April means more chances to see rare bird species in the surrounding Baja region, thanks to the balmy weather.

But, if you are a budget-conscious traveller and would like to experience what Cabo San Lucas has to offer without spending a great fortune, the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas is from July to mid-September when there are so many hotel packages and discounts offered.  It’s also the time when you can definitely expect rainy days in addition to mid-90s  temperature.