Forget the beach, how about a winter wonderland?

Most people only think about taking a trip during the summer, or if it is in winter, most definitely to somewhere warm. But, did you know that you could have one of the most amazing trips this winter by heading north? Discover Quebec City, Canada!

One of the oldest cities in all of North America (it still has a fortified wall!), Quebec City in Canada is truly a gem all year round, but it heats up in winter especially.

Quebec City has an international airport and from the NE United States, it will only take about an hour to get there, easy! If you’re thinking, “why would you want to go to a city in Canada in winter time?” then you haven’t seen much about Quebec City. It’s truly a winter wonderland and one of the most charming places you’ll ever go.

Quebec City is famous for its historic architecture and its the most European feeling cities in all of North America. The restaurant scene is sophisticated and you’ll find many world-renowned chefs calling QC home. Another reason you’ll feel like you’re in Europe is because the first language of most people that live in Quebec City is actually French, how nice! Don’t worry, most people speak English as well as both French and English are the official languages of Canada.

There are tons of activities to enjoy like ice skating, sledding, skiing nearby and much more.

Quebec City is also close to Montreal, the largest city in Quebec Province and you can reach it easily via bus in about 3 hours, or rent a car. Heck, why not take a week and enjoy all that the beautiful region has to offer right? Check out the video below to learn more about amazing Quebec City.