What kinds of games can you find in Vegas?

Slot machines are one of the most common games can you find in Vegas ... photo by CC user Laslovarga on wikimedia

Heading to the Entertainment Capital of the World soon? If you plan on doing some gambling while you are there, you might be wondering what games you can find in Vegas. This shortlist of what’s available will get you into action with enthusiasm and confidence, so read up below and plot your course of action before hopping on a plane to Nevada, which is one of North America’s most exciting destinations

Slot machines

By far, the most visible and easiest of the gambling games you can find in Vegas is the not so humble slot machine. The rules here are simple, insert money, then pull a lever (or push a button). If at least one line of characters that are the same (or similar, rules vary from game to game) line up, you win credits.

While there are simple models that pay homage to this machine’s origins, today’s units offer more lines and action than you can keep track of, which cut down on the house’s odds while increasing your chances of hitting a big jackpot.

To learn the rules of the game (or to just get pumped up for your trip to Vegas if you know how to play already), playing games like ReSpinner at William Hill will help you immensely in this regard.

Sport betting

While this practice is banned throughout most of America, many in this country love to bet on games on the sly, as the only thing that trumps the USA’s love of gaming is its love of team sports. Much to the joy of these individuals, sports betting is 100% legal in Nevada, allowing you to bet not just on the outcome of matches, but on the number of goals scored as well as innumerable other statistics.

If your knowledge of a particular game is deep, you might just have the ability to make a long-term profit betting poorly weighed lines. If this sounds like you, take a stroll into a sportsbook on your upcoming trip to Vegas!


Want to feel like James Bond on your upcoming journey to the City of Sin? If so, there is no better game to do this at than at Baccarat. The rules are the simplest out of any of the card games you’ll play at the casinos here … all you’ll have to do is dress in a dapper tuxedo, order gin martinis and deliver glib one-liners, and your secret agent fantasy will be fulfilled.


Played against other casino patrons instead of the house, poker is the only game where you actually have a legitimate chance to make money over the long-term. Apart from charging a small tax (called the rake) on each pot, the house has no major influence over whether you win or lose (other than making a slow, steady profit with every hand that is dealt).

That is up to you, and it is determined by giving your opponents incorrect odds to draw, extracting the maximum amount of value when you have the best hand, and minimizing your losses when you have the worst of it.