A Guide to Some of Cancun’s Best Lounge Bars

A cerveza in a lounge in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun in Mexico is renowned for the quality of its nightlife, with clubs, bars and pubs abounding. If you want to have a lively evening on the town, this is definitely a good place to be based.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at a few of Cancun’s best lounge bars, which are great spots for beginning your night out or for simply relaxing and unwinding with a few drinks if you don’t fancy hitting the bustling clubs. If you need help with arranging your trip to Mexico, check out the last-minute offers available through Cosmos.

Thai Lounge

Thai Lounge is a restaurant and bar that’s perfect for a chilled out evening in Cancun. Situated amid a beautiful garden, this is a fantastic place to relax with wonderful food and a few drinks.

If you get here early in the evening, it will be populated by diners, but arrive a little later and you’ll see it transform into a bustling bar. From 10pm on the weekends a DJ plays here, creating a party atmosphere for the guests who’ve chosen to stay late and soak up the ambience for a little longer.

Nectar Bar

If you want to stay out late but don’t fancy following the crowds to the busiest clubs, head instead to Nectar Bar. This is an outdoor establishment that boasts a pool and two terraces, with stunning views over the nearby Nichupte Lagoon.

One thing to bear in mind, though, is that Nectar doesn’t open its doors until midnight, but it also doesn’t close until after the sun has risen. The bar attracts international DJs, so you never know who might be entertaining the crowds when you head here.

Dos Equis XX Bar and Terrace

This bar can get quite busy, so it’s not always got the relaxed atmosphere of our previous two suggestions. That said, it’s still an excellent place to hang out and enjoy a few beers during your holiday in Cancun.

Among its main features are hammocks and beds for you to lounge on, as well as a jacuzzi. The entertainment here varies from night to night, with live music, DJs and themed events among the things on offer. If you’re looking for a more chilled out, chic night, it’s probably best to avoid the themed evenings.

Los 4 Elementos

This is a very bohemian bar that’s the ideal place to come to if you want to seek out some local music, as Mexican bands regularly play here. The atmosphere is intimate and cosy, making it a great place for couples to seek out if they want some time together.

The live music usually begins at around 11pm and will continue until the last customer has finished their drink and gone home, so you can stay as long as you’d like. As Los 4 Elementos is attached to a hotel, you can order food at pretty much any time, which they’ll bring to your table from the hotel’s restaurant.

These are just a few of Cancun’s best lounge bars – there are plenty of lively pubs and clubs that really are pumping from dusk til dawn. It’s always nice to know that there’s some variety, though, with the lounge bars a particularly good choice if you’re busy during the days at the beach and simply want to unwind once night falls.

If you’ve visited Cancun before, which of its lounge bars would you recommend?