Head to Puerto Rico this Summer and Enjoy Steep Summer Discounts!

Have you ever wanted to travel abroad but don’t have a passport. Well, you have a very fantastic option at your finger tips, Puerto Rico! If you didn’t know, Puerto Rico is actually a US territory and you don’t need a passport to visit even though its in the heart of the Caribbean. They even use the US Dollar as their currency (the only one), your cell phone will work without roaming charges, and so will your bank card. You won’t miss a beat! Just make sure you’re paying attention when the conga line rolls through!

Steeped in interesting history, Puerto Rico has a melange of things on offer like its amazing Spanish colonial architecture and heritage, delicious cuisine, picturesque beaches, water sports like surfing and kite boarding, fantastic shopping and so much more.

There are some great discounts for summer available, and you can have a 5 star vacation for a fraction of the price as high season (winter). Just check out this short video the Puerto Rican tourism authority created to learn more!