KLM Unboxes Its Brand New Boeing 787 Dreamliner

World-renowned KLM Airlines has just unboxed its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the world to see how truly sexy this aircraft really is!

“Unboxing” videos are the hottest trend for new tech gadgets, so why not unveil the coolest plane ever in the same way? The 787’s actual crew is in the video unpacking the plane. The pilots are seen entering the brand new cockpit and the cabin crew walks the aisles showcasing the cool plane features like lay-flat business class seats, dimming windows, and the extra-large overhead bins. Check out the video below!

I’ve yet to have the opportunity to take a trip on a Dreamliner, but, I do have some good friends that have had the chance to take a trip on the new plane and they said they felt like it was a much more of a pleasurable experience than a regular plane. The extra touches like the personal large flat screen, charging USB plugs at every seat, etc were great add-ons and that they made the trip much more convenient and comfortable.

The Boeing Dreamliner is both a very green and economic plane. The demand is very high for the aircraft and the reason most airlines have to wait a few years to get a hold of the new planes. Boeing has invested over 32 billion dollars into the development of the new long-range aircraft. The Dreamliner has a cruising speed of of 596 mph and depending on the customization or load, it can have a range of 8000-8500 nautical miles!

The reason the Dreamliner is so economic is that the construction utilizes carbon fiber instead of aluminum which drastically reduces total weight. This translates into much less fuel used to travel the same distance.