Okinawa: The Most Magical Place in Asia!

Japan is an Asian land of wonders. It covers thousands of miles and offers every landscape and climate there is. Believe it or not, there is actually a region of sub-tropical islands south of the main ones where Osaka and Tokyo are and close to Taiwan. This area is known as Okinawa. Japan is currently promoting travel to this beautiful part of the country and they have created some great videos to go along with their efforts. Make sure to check out the intro below:

Okinawa is known for many things, most notably the delectable food, warm-hearted and kind people, pictueresque beaches, and a melange of awesome activities to enjoy. But, The most special aspect of Okinawa is that it’s truly a magical place, really! The local people consider the islands a spirtual place and supposedly anyone who visits will not be able to help being their true selves, how about that!

Okinawa has invited a small number of people from around the world to come experience the amazing islands for themselves. The interesting part is that all of the ones invited have a “secret” to share with their friends and loved ones. You can see more about one of those secrets below from one of the participants, Scott:

With so many islands, there is a never-ending array of amazing things to do in Okinawa. Don’t miss Ishigaki Island with its lively food stalls, nice beaches and the “best view” in Okinawa in Kabira Bay.

Ishigaki Island, okinawa Kabira bay, Okinawa