Soar to New Possibitilies with Emirates

Have you ever been sitting on a plane waiting for take off as you watched the elegant or dapper flight attendant gracefully, but confidentially help people to their seats, perform a safety demonstration and then completed the cross check, all with a smile, and thought to yourself, I want to do that too.

Well, Emirates is on the hunt for quality applicants to join their unparalleled flight team. They’ve just released marketing materials highlighting what it takes to be an Emirates cabin crew member, what makes the job so special and what you can expect from an exciting, jet set lifestyle.

Emirates is based in Dubai, one of the most dynamic and futuristic cities in the world. What rose from the desert mere decades ago is now one of the most advanced and global cities in the entire world.  The city is filled with attractions, fantastic restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.

Emirates even offers cabin crew apartments which are full of like-minded people from over 160 countries! Some other perks Emirates team members enjoy are discounts around the city and world with their Emirates card, and wait for it, a tax-free income!

Check out these 3 videos to learn all about what being an Emirates cabin crew member is all about.