The Rise of In-Flight Entertainment

In an attempt to encourage more people to take to the skies, many major airlines like KLM have gone to extra measures to offer more premium amenities for flyers and create more value in the process.

There has been a lot of innovation in the past decade as airlines have spent a lot of money on R&D to make the flying experience something actually pleasurable. Here are some ways airlines are taking things up a notch to make sure the bookings keep coming in!

Robust In-Flight Entertainment

KLM is one of the airlines leading the way for the in-flight entertainment revolution. They have been installing large, personalized entertainment systems on most seats, complete with power outlets and seat-wide screens. Not only are the screens much larger, but the offerings are much more extensive including Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Games. Media is offered in a melange of languages and airlines like KLM are even producing their own content.

One cool thing KLM doing is producing an entire animated kids series entitled, “Bluey”. Bluey was created to offer children something more engaging to do while on board than squirm, helping to keep them intrigued and calm. The short series is now available on KLM in-flight entertainment systems as well as online if kids want to keep up with the narrative after their flight is over. Bluey is a small KLM plane (blue of course) that mischievously explores the world under the wing of his dad, literally.

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Wi-Fi has been around for a few years on a lot of airlines, but until recently, it was often slow, costly and spotty. Now, in-flight coverage areas are much larger, speeds are up (now you can even stream video on many carriers) and the prices have come down a lot to make it actually reasonable to log in.

Premium Economy

In the past, there were usually only only two options for seat selections, Economy and First Class. Nowadays, there are many options for passengers that works with their budgets and desired level of comfort. One class of seating that has been very popular for many airlines recently is “Premium Economy”. This type of seat usually has a bit more leg room, often an entertainment center, and more of a premium position in the actual plane.