The Top Reasons to Visit Antrim In Northern Ireland


Being among the most beautiful regions in Northern Ireland, the top reasons to visit Antrim, indeed appeals to a lot of travellers all over the world. Among the six counties, Antrim located in the north-east part of Ireland, boasts to have a number of picturesque sceneries and activities to indulge upon.

A taste of the special whiskeys made in one of Northern Ireland’s old Bushmills Distillery is just among the top reasons to visit Antrim. The old distillery is famous for its whiskey that’s mixed and fermented to utmost perfection just located in the farther northeast portion of Antrim. For those who are not enthusiasts in the manufacturing of whiskey, the totality of the tour will actually enthral you in more ways than one. Well-informed tour guides are available to impart valuable insights associated in the whole production of whiskeys.

On the other hand, the downside of the tour is that smoking and taking pictures are not permitted in the factory. The best part of the tour lies in the course of the most-awaited whiskey tasting. You can have the option to participate in the games with your guide or just relish the moment of tasting a wide array of whiskeys. Also it’s important to mention not to worry if you’re not an English speaker, the Irish translation services will help you enjoy the tour in your own language.

Belfast, a city shared by Antrim and County Down, has also so much tourist destinations to brag about. First and foremost, it is the native land of the famous Titanic cruise ship which has caused the loss of many innocent lives. Thus, it paved the way for the creation of the monument of the Titanic Belfast to pay tribute to the popular Titanic heritage.

The Belfast Castle is another must-visit of the top tourist attractions in Antrim. It is a fine-looking castle in Scottish Baronial design which is situated on the facet of Belfast’s Cave Hill, 40 feet beyond sea level. It has gardens with stunning motifs and beautifully-marked trail paths for hiking and cycling. If you would like to dare yourself with a more difficult trail, a trek to the nearby Cave Hill Country Park will head towards the peak of the Cave Hill itself which has a captivating view of the panoramas of Belfast.