Top Things To Do In Tajikistan

Knowing the top things to do in Tajikistan can help you plan out your itinerary, if you’re planning on a holiday in this unique country.  This South Asian county is known for being part of the Silk route and its beautiful and rugged landscapes in the Pamirs Fan Mountains.

If you’re planning on a holiday in this often overlooked country for tourism, here are a couple of the top things to do in Tajikistan:scenery in Tajikistan

Take a road trip to on the Pamir Highway from the capital, Dushanbe.  The scenic route will urge you to take as much time as you want to take in all that beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountains and greenery.  The route has become a significant tourist attraction, not just among motorists but also cyclists and 4×4 enthusiasts looking for a challenging route to the western arm of the Himalayas.

Climb a mountain.  One of the top things to do in Tajikistan is mountain climbing.  You have two choices:  the Pamir Mountains and the Fan Mountains which is much easier than the latter.  The Fan Mountains are easier to reach and have good trekking trails.

Go birdwatching.  One place to go in Tajikistan to enjoy bird watching is Iskanderkul, a lake of glacial origin in the Sughd Province.  The lake and the surrounding land are home to some of the most beautiful birds in South Asia, such as the Himalayan snowcocks, Saker Falcons and the sulphu-bellied warblers.

Tour the capital.  There’s so much to see in Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, such as the Massive Statue of Somoni and Fort Hissar.  End the day by trekking to the top of the Victory Park for a stunning view of the city in the tiki-themed beer garden.

Watch a concert for free or for a small fee.  The Opera Ballet offers free or very affordable tickets to concerts sponsored by the embassies and travelling companies.