Top Tourist Attractions In Valle del Cauca


The city of Cali ranks as one of the top tourist attractions in Valle del Cauca

While cities like Medellin, Antioquia take the cake when it comes to tourist destinations in Colombia and in South America, the top tourist attractions in Valle del Cauca are also worth checking while you’re in the country.  Located between the Andes mountain range and the Pacific and sharing internal borders with Choco and Cauca, Valle del Cauca presents the best of both worlds:  the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life and the calm of nature through its various national parks and nature reserves.

Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Valle del Cauca:


Also called the “branch in the sky” and the world’s “Salsa Capital”, Valle del Cauca’s capital city is a tourist destination itself.  It has something for everyone:  from art enthusiasts, Latin American dance enthusiasts, history buffs, to even those seeking cheap cosmetic treatments.

Art enthusiasts will certainly love the various art museums scattered all over the city, such as the Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia, which exhibits pieces and works by modern artists from all over the world.  Travel a little further to the west of Cali near the Cali River, and you’ll see the Gato del Rio (River Cat) sculpture made by Hernando Tejada, a deceased Pereira artist.

For history buffs, places like La Plaza de Caicedo which is surrounded by modern and historical infrastructures, are an absolute treat.  It’s also a great starting point for taking a trip down history lane as it is near important museums and historical monuments.  San Antonio, too, has preserved some of its traditional, colonial charms.

If you want to dance the night away in Cali before beginning your outdoor adventure, Calle 66, Mega and Juanchito are the places to be.

Juanchaco and Ladrillos Beaches

Feast on the freshest and most delicious sea food while lounging by the beach on either one of the most famous beaches in Buenaventura:  Juanchaco and Ladrillos Beaches.  These beaches can be accessed via a boat ride off the port of Buenaventura.


The municipality of Buga is filled with 17th and 18th century infrastructures and well-preserved monuments such as the Temple of San Francisco and the National Palace.

It is also home to two of the other top tourist attractions in Valle de Cauca:  Laguan de Sonso which is a nature reserve, and Las Hermosas Natural Park, which houses several species of local flora and fauna.


Originally part of the 1961 hydroelectric project by the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca, the Calima reservoir became a major tourist attraction as it serves as the venue for various water sports competitions.  Part of the charm of this artificial lake is its nice cool weather, a stark contrast to the warm and humid weather of the rest of Valle del Cauca.