Why are people choosing cruises in 2014?

Going on cruises in 2014 is a great way to spend your travel budget, as value for money has never been better!

With the arrival of the new year comes the start of a fresh bout of holiday planning, and personally I’m planning to go on a cruise. Travel trends tell us that more people are opting for all-inclusive packages, and I think cruises are a great way of combining a little all-inclusive luxury with value for money and seeing lots of different places.

Of course, cruises generally aren’t the cheapest holidays on the market – but I think the key thing to remember is that they offer value, which is one of the most important things to look for in any holiday. I’ll talk more about this in a moment, because I’m going to take you through the top reasons that, in my opinion, cruises in 2014 stands among your best holiday options.

Value for money

I’m going to start with value for money, since I’ve touched on that already. Cruise packages tend to offer an awful lot for the price you pay. For instance, you can select luxurious accommodation (which we’ll get to shortly), visit lots of amazing countries and enjoy a massive range of on board facilities, from swimming pools and spas to bars and libraries.

What’s more, using most of these will be free of charge, even if you’re not on an all-inclusive package. This won’t be true across the board, so if you’re not sure what’s complimentary and what isn’t, do check.

All-inclusive deals

All-inclusive deals are increasing in popularity, and going all-inclusive on a cruise means you can ramp the luxury and relaxation up a notch. You see, going on a cruise already allows to unwind in the knowledge that pretty much everything you could need is taken care of; the addition of going all-inclusive means you don’t even need to worry about how much your meals and drinks are costing.

Again, you need to make sure you know what’s included – for example, sometimes certain drinks are excluded from the package.


Cruises are virtually synonymous with luxury, and indulgence is definitely one of top reasons to go on this kind of holiday. The accommodation you choose will help define exactly how luxurious your trip is – but before you go ahead and book the most lavish room or suite on the ship, you should give some thought to how much time you’re really likely to spend there.

There are so many wonderful bars and lounges, not to mention deck space and other places to relax both day and night, that you might only head back to your cabin to sleep. If you so, you may find the standard level of cruise luxury is enough.

If, however, you like having a little solitude from time to time, a lavish room or suite with a balcony is the perfect way to pamper yourself – just imagine relaxing on your own private balcony with a crisp wine and a good book as the sun sets. Bliss.

Great entertainment

My final reason for suggesting a cruise is that it gives you so much entertainment at your fingertips –¬†P&O Cruises offers great facilities, for example, that include theatre shows, cinema, casinos and nightclubs. Plus, on some itineraries you’ll find there are evening shore excursions too.

So, a cruise provides a great mix, and allows you to act on any whim you may have and enjoy yourself however you please – a freedom you don’t get with many holidays!