Top Things To Do In Canoa

Catching a wave at the beach is one of the top things to do in Canoa

For those who have not yet fully delved into the beauty that Ecuador has to offer then the top things to do in Canoa might absolutely entice every traveler to visit the place. Canoa is a small village located in Ecuador and its quite laid-back and serene setting undoubtedly transformed it as a popular spot for every tourist.

The place, however, is not totally swarmed by them, which makes Canoa, Ecuador still a peaceful destination. This is indeed a good place to relax on the beach and do your favorite activities such as surfing, yoga and paragliding.

Canoa is best known and well loved for its surfing activity because of the favourable surfing waves of its beaches. Hence, surfing is deemed as one of the top things to do in Canoa. If you are a first time surfer, there is no need to worry since there are available short course lessons in the area. For professional surfers who do not have a board, rentals are also available.

Ergo, at Canoa beach, there is no need to fret about skills and materials for it is well-provided. This surfing activity is best enjoyed during dry season which occurs in months between December to May. Apart from surfing, Canoa beach also offers Yoga wherein you can relax in a comfortable setting. Instructors teach both tourists and locals in front of the shore which is totally soothing and will absolutely remove for the mean time all the hassles of your everyday life. Truly, a day in Canoa beach is a day of full serenity and recreation.

Surely, one of the inclusions among the top things to do in Canoa, Ecuador is to do paragliding. This is a great adventure since for 30 minutes you will fly in the air like birds. You can do all the exhibitions you want in the air as long as the wind is ideal and perfect.  To totally enjoy the experience, you can do paragliding every sunset. After the activity, you will be landing gently on the beach. This will truly be a magnificent activity especially for friends and lovers.

Canoa has a laid-back feel during the day but every evening, the town becomes active with music and parties. This happens at the Jungle bar which serves cocktails and sumptuous food that tourists can totally enjoy, apart from adventures.  You will also enjoy dancing with some locals and get to know other tour-goers. This is exactly a good spot to make friends. The bar does not only offer cocktails, but also teas and espresso coffees which you should not miss tasting.

Truly, with the so many top things to do in Canoa, it has been widely known as a perfect spot for all types of waterborne activities, which is highly the reason of their escalating tourism.  The region has the most beautiful stretches of shore, clear and warm waters, with plenty of varying activities that one can truly enjoy whether with friends, families or loved ones.