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Forget the beach, how about a winter wonderland?

Most people only think about taking a trip during the summer, or if it is in winter, most definitely to somewhere warm. But, did you know that you could have one of the most amazing trips this winter by heading north? Discover Quebec City, Canada! One of the oldest cities in all of North America (it still has a fortified wall!), Quebec City in Canada is truly a gem all year round, but it heats up in winter especially. Quebec City has an international airport and from the NE United States, it

KLM Unboxes Its Brand New Boeing 787 Dreamliner

World-renowned KLM Airlines has just unboxed its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the world to see how truly sexy this aircraft really is! "Unboxing" videos are the hottest trend for new tech gadgets, so why not unveil the coolest plane ever in the same way? The 787's actual crew is in the video unpacking the plane. The pilots are seen entering the brand new cockpit and the cabin crew walks the aisles showcasing the cool plane features like lay-flat business class seats, dimming windows,

Okinawa: The Most Magical Place in Asia!

Japan is an Asian land of wonders. It covers thousands of miles and offers every landscape and climate there is. Believe it or not, there is actually a region of sub-tropical islands south of the main ones where Osaka and Tokyo are and close to Taiwan. This area is known as Okinawa. Japan is currently promoting travel to this beautiful part of the country and they have created some great videos to go along with their efforts. Make sure to check out the intro below: Okinawa is known for

Ready, Set, Travel! How to save extra cash on travel expenses!

You've come to the right blog post today! We've got a fantastic tip on Travel is that will save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars off your upcoming trips or vacations. Groupon, the deal-a-day giant has created another stream of business, this time in the realm of online coupons. They leveraged their good relationships with retailers and businesses big to small to offer exclusive coupons on their website. In fact, you have access to over 70,000 coupons from more than 9,000 different

Best Time To Visit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Figuring out the best time to visit any place, including Cabo San Lucas, can make a huge difference to your travel experience as well as help you plan your itinerary a lot better. Characterized by a mild climate all year round, Cabo San Lucas is a great holiday destination any time of the year. But still, it pays to be prepared, it still pays to do your homework, as the days aren't the same, and neither are the seasons.  High heat and humidity can be a party pooper and frequent rains can ruin your

Head to Puerto Rico this Summer and Enjoy Steep Summer Discounts!

Have you ever wanted to travel abroad but don't have a passport. Well, you have a very fantastic option at your finger tips, Puerto Rico! If you didn't know, Puerto Rico is actually a US territory and you don't need a passport to visit even though its in the heart of the Caribbean. They even use the US Dollar as their currency (the only one), your cell phone will work without roaming charges, and so will your bank card. You won’t miss a beat! Just make sure you're paying attention when the conga

Soar to New Possibitilies with Emirates

Have you ever been sitting on a plane waiting for take off as you watched the elegant or dapper flight attendant gracefully, but confidentially help people to their seats, perform a safety demonstration and then completed the cross check, all with a smile, and thought to yourself, I want to do that too. Well, Emirates is on the hunt for quality applicants to join their unparalleled flight team. They've just released marketing materials highlighting what it takes to be an Emirates cabin crew member,

Top Things To Do In Tajikistan

Knowing the top things to do in Tajikistan can help you plan out your itinerary, if you’re planning on a holiday in this unique country.  This South Asian county is known for being part of the Silk route and its beautiful and rugged landscapes in the Pamirs Fan Mountains. If you’re planning on a holiday in this often overlooked country for tourism, here are a couple of the top things to do in Tajikistan: Take a road trip to on the Pamir Highway from the capital, Dushanbe.  The scenic